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Important dates for the second-round 2021 ZeroSpeech Competition

  • May 2021: Competition opens

  • November 3rd, 2021: Early submissions evaluated

  • November 12th, 2021: AAAI Workshop paper submission deadline

  • November 19th, 2021: Final submission deadline for all systems

  • December 1st, 2021: Leaderboard released

  • December 6th-14, 2021: NeurIPS conference, winners announced

  • December 31, 2021: Paper submission deadline for IEEE JSTSP Special Issue on Self-Supervised Learning for Speech and Audio Processing.

Announcing the 2nd Self-supervised Learning for Audio and Speech Processing @ AAAI 2022

published on 17/09/2021

We invite ZeroSpeech 2021 participants who are submitting their systems to the NeurIPS Competition to submit non-archival papers to the 2nd Self-supervised Learning for Audio and Speech Processing @ AAAI 2022. Note that participants wishing to submit papers to the workshop are encouraged to get their test results early by submitting their systems no later than November 3rd, 2021, as the workshop paper deadline is nine days later. Systems can still be submitted up until November 19th for inclusion in the NeurIPS Competition. Participants are also encouraged to submit an (archival) paper to the IEEE JSTSP Special Issue (see below.)

Please see the workshop website for more information.

AAAI Workshop and Early deadlines

published on 31/08/2021

As previously mentioned, a workshop on Semi-Supervised Representations for Speech and Audio Processing will be held at AAAI in Vancouver, in February 2022. A session will be reserved for discussion of ZeroSpeech, and we encourage participants to submit (non-archival) workshop papers. The CFP will be posted here soon.

In order to accomodate the tight AAAI deadlines, we will encourage early submissions, submitted by November 3rd at the latest for those wish to include systems in AAAI workshop papers. The workshop paper deadline is November 12th. While the evaluation is automated, this buffer time will allow you to receive your results with ample margin.

The deadline to have systems submitted in time to be considered for the NeurIPS Competition remains November 19th, and teams making early submissions may of course submit additional systems later on.

Finally, we remind participants of the IEEE JSTSP Special Issue on Self-Supervised Learning for Speech and Audio Processing. Submissions to both the workshop and the special issue are possible. Please contact us for more information if you are planning to submit to both.

Interspeech next week!

published on 27/08/2021

Interspeech 2021 is fast approaching, and we encourage all registered participants to please check out the Interspeech submissions to the Challenge, which represent the first round of evaluation of the 2021 Challenge on Spoken Language Modelling. Three-minute preview videos and full papers are already up on the Interspeech conference platform ( To see our presenters live, please note the following session information:

  • Tuesday, August 31, 19:00 CEST, in-person in Brno: E-O-1-1, Information Retrieval for ZeroSpeech 2021: The Submission by University of Wroclaw

  • Wednesday, September 1, 11:00 CEST, online poster session: M-V-2-6, Analyzing Speaker Information in Self-Supervised Models to Improve Zero-Resource Speech Processing

  • Wednesday, September 1, 11:00 CEST, online poster session: M-V-2-8, Speech Representation Learning Combining Conformer CPC with Deep Cluster for the ZeroSpeech Challenge 2021

  • Wednesday, September 1, 11:00 CEST, online poster session: M-V-2-10, The Zero Resource Speech Challenge 2021: Spoken Language Modelling

Please come and check out the great work!

Submissions, dates, NeurIPS session format

published on 14/08/2021

As previously announced, the second round of submissions to ZeroSpeech, including the multi-modal track, are an official NeurIPS competition. The competition will have a pre-recorded overview talk by the organizers, presenting the overview of the Enhanced ZeroSpeech 2021 Challenge and its evaluations. The competition will also have a live, virtual session in which submitted systems, results, and winners will be presented. Watch this space for more details about the live session.

The submission deadline for systems to be included in the NeurIPS competition is November 19th, 2021, as previously announced. This will give us time to run the evaluation and prepare the material for the live session. If there is sufficient interest from participants, information about early submissions (made before October 20th) may also be included in the pre-recorded overview talk.

We invite participants to submit papers describing their system and results for the IEEE JSTSP Special Issue on Self-Supervised Learning for Speech and Audio Processing. This special issue has a submission deadline of December 31, 2021. Please see the call for papers for the IEEE JSTSP special issue for detailed information.

Please be advised that the previously proposed workshop on semi-supervised representations will not take place at NeurIPS this year. The workshop has been re-submitted to AAAI (Jan/Feb 2022), and, if accepted ZeroSpeech 2021 will have a presence. Watch this space for details.

NeurIPS Competition

published on 18/05/2021

As previously announced, we are opening the 2021 benchmark on unsupervised spoken language modelling to a second round of submissions as a NeurIPS competition.

The formulation for this enhanced edition of the challenge is slightly different. While the benchmark remains the same, submissions will be divided into two tracks. Track 1 corresponds to the classic, purely unsupervised case, while Track 2 allows for weak, indirect supervision in the form of images or videos. See the detail pages for more information.

We continue to solicit submissions of models of all sizes. We strongly encourage the exploration of large language models at NeurIPS 2021, in order to help better understand the problem space.

Individual research groups may make no more than four submissions each.

The competition will be paired with a planned NeurIPS workshop on unsupervised and semi-supervised speech modelling. Watch this space for more details.

Announcing ZeroSpeech Enhanced Edition 2021

published on 29/04/2021

We are pleased to announce that the Zero Resource Speech Challenge Enhanced Edition 2021 has been accepted as a NeurIPS competition. Details, including dates and submission procedures, will be announced in early May 2021.