NeurIPS Competition

As previously announced, we are opening the 2021 benchmark on unsupervised spoken language modelling to a second round of submissions as a NeurIPS competition.

The formulation for this enhanced edition of the challenge is slightly different. While the benchmark remains the same, submissions will be divided into two tracks.

:ref:Track 1 <ZRC2021_2021n_track_s> corresponds to the classic, purely unsupervised case, while :ref:Track 2 <ZRC2021_2021n_track_m> allows for weak, indirect supervision in the form of images or videos. See the detail pages for more information.

We continue to solicit submissions of models of all sizes. We strongly encourage the exploration of large language models at NeurIPS 2021, in order to help better understand the problem space.

Individual research groups may make no more than four submissions each.

The competition will be paired with a planned NeurIPS workshop on unsupervised and semi-supervised speech modelling. Watch this space for more details.

May 18, 2021