AAAI Workshop and Early deadlines

As previously mentioned, a workshop on Semi-Supervised Representations for Speech and Audio Processing will be held at AAAI in Vancouver, in February 2022. A session will be reserved for discussion of ZeroSpeech, and we encourage participants to submit (non-archival) workshop papers. The CFP will be posted here soon.

In order to accomodate the tight AAAI deadlines, we will encourage early submissions, submitted by November 3rd at the latest for those wish to include systems in AAAI workshop papers. The workshop paper deadline is November 12th. While the evaluation is automated, this buffer time will allow you to receive your results with ample margin.

The deadline to have systems submitted in time to be considered for the NeurIPS Competition remains November 19th, and teams making early submissions may of course submit additional systems later on.

Finally, we remind participants of the IEEE JSTSP Special Issue on Self-Supervised Learning for Speech and Audio Processing. Submissions to both the workshop and the special issue are possible. Please contact us for more information if you are planning to submit to both.

Aug 31, 2021