Zerospeech 2020


The datasets for the ZeroSpeech Challenge 2020 are provided here for download. Please note that the archives are protected by a password that is communicated once you accepted the agreement below.

File Description Size MD5 sum
zerospeech2020.z01 Data for the 2020 edition (1/3) 10.0 GB c9906d9062744cec87f4a4048a0c551b
zerospeech2020.z02 Data for the 2020 edition (2/3) 10.0 GB 7eaa187d403c3aeef94e13f9053ce861 Data for the 2020 edition (3/3) 6.0 GB 839a18a0dfe11c706428ddc27d87d5b8 Baseline submission 6.8 GB b5934920fcbb0b3af90611185696510b VAD for the 2017 wavs 1.3 M c78b21df917b7de4d952d60492327a29

The following script will download and unzip the datasets


for ext in zip z01 z02
    wget$ext || exit 1
7z x -p$PASSWORD || exit 1
rm -f zerospeech2020.z* || exit 1
exit 0